April 2008 :: Welcome to Rosscott, Inc. (v1.1).
I plan on using this as a portal to all the many things that I do. It may not be the snazziest thing you've ever seen, but it gets the job done. Working on a blog setup, but it isn't done yet. Want to contact me? You have a few choices:

Email: rossnover [@t] gmail [d.t] com
(Do you know why people have been writing email addys all crazy lately? It's spam bots, right? Whatever...)

  • Time Wasters:
    AIM - NoverBored
    Gchat - rossnover
    Skype - Rosscott
  • Live Journal (Yes, I'm on Live Journal. No, I don't write fanfic.)

UPDATE:: April 03, 2008 @ 11:41pm - Hey look, I drew something.
So I drew a guest comic over at Ugly Hill (http://www.uglyhill.com). It will be posted here somehow as soon as it is posted there.

I really wasn't kidding, btw. This will be a wordpress / comicpress blog soon. Same location.